Standing Yoga Tree Pose

As beginner yogis transition to more difficult poses, the Yoga Tree Pose is one of the first balancing poses typically taught in a yoga studio. It is one of the most recognized poses in yoga and will help you gain both physical and mental toughness.

Besides helping you develop better balance and concentration skills, the tree pose also works to improve the strength throughout your body.

Standing on one leg and maintaining good balance can quickly help strengthen your core, hips, and standing leg. And if you elect to try a variation of the pose by holding your arms over your head, this pose can also strengthen your upper body.

Yoga Tree Pose

Exercise Instructions:

  • Begin standing in tadasana (mountain pose) with your arms at your sides and gaze straight ahead on a still object or point.

  • Lift one leg up and rest your entire foot on either your calf or your thigh. Press your leg into your foot and your foot into your leg to create a sturdy balancing posture.

  • Either bring your hands in front of you to prayer or lift them up towards the sky. Drishti can be forward or to the sky as well.

yoga tree poseTaylor Demonstrating the Tree Pose


  • It is extremely important to avoid resting your foot on your knee in tree pose. This will result in injury.

  • Once you are comfortable with this pose you can make it more strenuous by bending your chest back and looking up.

  • To make the exercise easier starting out, pick a spot on the floor or the wall in front of you to focus on, this will make it easier to hold your balance.

  • Try closing your eyes at times and see how you are able to maintain your balance.

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Yoga Tree Pose Benefits

  • Improved Balance - Yoga is all about stability and balance. There isn't a better one-legged balance pose than the Tree to teach this.

  • Core Strength -  Your core muscles are very important to balance. Strong core muscles work as the center foundation of the body to keep it properly aligned and stable when you are trying a challening balance pose.
  • Flexibility - Movements like the yoga tree pose helps you to open up different lower body joint and muscle groups to improve your mobility and reduce your chance of injury

  • Concentration - The standing poses can force you to make a commitment on focusing on what you are doing and not have your thought process move on to something else.

  • Hip Stretch - Tight hips are a problem for many of us. Practicing the tree pose helps you develop a rotation of the hips. Because This pose has you opening the hip of a non-weight-bearing joint there is no pressure on the hips or lower back.

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