Doing the Yoga Mountain Pose

Yoga Mountain Pose (Tadasana) is the most basic foundation for your yoga practice. To beginners, it appears as simply standing at the top of your mat with your arms at your sides. There is much more to this crucial pose. From sun salutations to difficult balancing poses, many begin from the mountain pose.

The alignment that makes up mountain is the same alignment that makes all other poses in your yoga practice possible. It may be hard to believe but the body alignment involved with mountain pose is how the human body was designed to stand.

After reading the instructions for mountain pose, take a moment to go through some of your favorite yoga poses. You will notice that the alignment cues your teachers give you for those poses are the exact same for mountain. I recommend taking a few moments in mountain before every yoga class or at home practice. Utilize the time to set an intention for your practice, deepen your breathing in order to warm up your body, and ground yourself to your mat. 

Yoga Mountain Pose

Pose Instructions:

  • Stand up straight with your big toes together, heels slightly apart. Lift your toes up, separate them, and then place them back down to create a solid base.

  • Roll your shoulders toward the back and send them down the spine. Hold your arms strong and steady at the sides of your torso. Simultaneously elongate your neck, keeping your chin parallel to the ground.

  • To avoid splaying of the ribs, engage the belly and imagine someone is pinching the front of your uppermost ribs together. To remove the curve from your lower back, tuck your tailbone down towards the ground.

  • Engage your quadriceps and firm up your thighs, lifting the kneecaps. Rotate your thighs slightly inward, calves slightly outward. 

yoga mountain poseTaylor Demonstrating the Yoga Mountain Pose


  • It can be difficult to align your lower back and tailbone. Place one hand on your pelvis and one on your sacrum. Push the hand on your pelvis slightly back until you feel your lower back and tailbone align. 
  • Along with child’s pose, mountain is a pose you can come back to during class when you need to collect yourself and/or reintegrate your intention. You may choose to close your eyes to bring your focus back inward.

  • If you are having trouble balancing, widen your feet slightly until you feel comfortable. Over time you may work to slowly close the gap. (Or not!)

  • For those of us who do not have perfect posture, you will feel as if you are puffing out your chest when practicing this pose. This is actually what perfect posture looks like! After routine practice, it will begin to feel natural and proper posture will manifest into your everyday life.

Standing Yoga Poses

Bottoms up; The foundation of any yoga pose starts at the base, so basically, whatever part of your body is touching the mat is your base. The power generated from standing yoga poses will start at the feet and work it's way through the legs, the hips, then projected up through the rest of the body.

Yoga Mountain Pose Benefits

The most tangible benefits of the yoga mountain pose are improved balance and posture. We are all born with a natural sense of balance and when mountain is executed properly, the pose will strengthen your thighs and abdominal muscles creating a strong foundation for you to work from.

The Mountain Pose is the foundation for all other standing poses and is frequently used as a starter or transition pose for many other yoga postures.

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