Doing the Yoga Child's Pose

Child’s pose (Balasana) is one of the more important foundational poses in yoga. Since is serves as a resting pose, many times class will begin with the students holding child’s pose. 

It is a pose that helps students feel grounded on their mats and connected to their bodies. Instructors will advise students to return to child’s pose during a more vigorous class if they ever feel dizzy, overheated or just need to take a moment and reconnect to their focus. Child’s pose calms your central nervous system, thus calming your mind.

When your mind manages to slow down, stress and tension can escape. This makes it easier to listen to cues your body is giving you. Being in tune with your physical state makes for a stronger and more authentic yoga practice. 

Yoga Child's Pose

Pose Instructions:

  • Begin by kneeling on your hands and knees at the center of your mat. Untuck your toes so the tops of your feet are on the ground, toes touching. 
  • Separate your knees hip width and slowly hinge at the hips, releasing your chest and stomach towards the ground. If possible, rest your stomach on your thighs and your buttocks on your heels. Simultaneously extend your arms out in front of you with your palms facing down. 

  • Before placing your forehead on your ground lengthen the back of your neck, keeping your spine straight as well. 

Taylor Demonstrating Yoga Childs Pose


  • Although child’s pose is most commonly practiced with the knees apart, it can also be done with the knees together. This creates a more intense stretch of the lower back. This can be useful when counteracting backbends. 
  • Child’s pose is an opportunity to set an intention for your practice. Whether you are feeling powerful and want an energetic class, or your body is craving a more modified class, child’s pose is a place to get in touch with your senses.

  • You need not always have your arms stretched out in front of you. Sometimes the body may be craving a more humbled version of child’s pose. For instance, following an inversion or a tough backbend. In this case bring your knees together and extend your arms by your sides with your hands at your feet. Grabbing hold of your heels creates a tiny ball with your body, bringing your energy inward.

  • To take the stretch further, keep your torso where it is and extend your arms to either side of your body. When extending to the right side place your left hand on top of your right and hold for 3-5 breath cycles. Then switch sides

Yoga Child's Pose Benefits

  • Child's is a fantastic calming pose that can be crucial for recuperation during class. 

  • So many of us have hip tightening issues. By spreading your knees apart so your stomach can go between them, you will be getting a nice opening stretch for your hip flexors. 

  • Yoga Child's Pose stretches your lower back, spine, quads, and thighs to properly align the body.

  • It lengthens the spine and normalizes circulation throughout the body.

  • If you experience fatigue or high stress, child's pose will aid in relieving those issues.

  • No matter how long you have been practicing, this pose is recommended as a starting place for yoga breathing.

Yoga Child's Pose

The Yoga Child's Pose is very beneficial to your mind and body. It helps to relieve pressure and provides a stretch for the entire body. It can also improve thought processes and provide added energy which we can all use more of.

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