Yoga Boat Pose

You Can Really Work Your Abs With This Pose

The Boat Pose is one of the most popular yoga routines used as a strengthening exercise for the lower back and abdominal muscles. This pose can be more effective for working the core muscles than many of the traditional ab exercises we typically do, like crunches and sit-ups.

One reason for this added intensity is the extra work the core has to do just so you maintain good balance when positioned in the pose. This can be a very challenging pose initially, but with some regular practice it should keep getting easier for you.

Yoga has always been known for its mental unwinding and flexibility attributes, but it also has a number of high impact poses that work specific muscle groups like your abs. 

Yoga Boat Pose

This can be a very challenging pose at first, but it gets easier with practice. There are two variations of the pose that can help you to get started correctly.

  1. The full pose (pictured below) has your arms and legs fully extended creating the "V" shape of a boat. 

  2. The half pose which is a good starter boat pose has you bending your knees to relieve much of the pressure.

Pose Instructions:

  • Start by sitting upright on your yoga mat with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. 

  • Raise your legs up to a 45 degree angle. Your upper body will spontaneously fall back but try maintaining a "V" shape, keeping the spine and legs both in a straight line with your arms extended forward and palms up. It is at this point if you have chosen the half pose to have your knees bent.

  • Hold the pose for a count of 5-10, lower your legs and torso to the floor.

yoga boat poseTaylor Demonstrating the Yoga Boat Pose


  • To work your core harder, as you are releasing from the pose try and stop just before you touch the floor. Then return back up into the pose like you are doing a sit-up. Repeat this for a number of reps.

Pose Benefits

  • Belly fat tends to accumulate in the lower abdominal area. This pose targets the lower abs and can tone your midsection
  • Stretches and strengthens your spine, hips, and hamstrings.
  • Stimulates your intestines and kidneys and improving your digestion.
  • Relieves stress and anxiety.
  • Since you don't need any fitness equipment, poses like these are available for you to do at home or on the road.

Yoga Boat Pose

Yoga has always been known for its flexibility and calming benefits, but it also offers movements designed to target and strengthen specific muscles (in this case your abs). Yoga boat pose practiced on a regular basis will boost your calorie burning, spike your metabolism and help build lean muscle around your midsection for a flatter stomach.

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