How to Do Wall Squats

Wall squats are one of the best exercises available to strengthen your upper leg quad muscles. By using the wall as a prop to lean against, this simple routine can be the perfect way to add strength and the tone to your legs.

This squatting exercise is easy to learn and can be done almost anywhere. You can do them during commercials when you are home watching TV, or in your hotel room when you are out of town. 

You can add amazing strength to your upper leg muscles by doing this exercise 2-3 times a week. These convenient squats are especially good for runners and other athletes that depend on strong legs with exceptional stamina.

Wall Squats

Exercise Instructions:

  • Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and about two feet in front of you as you lean against the wall. 

  • Slowly squat down until your knees are parallel or close to it with your thighs at 90 degrees. Make sure to keep your back flat against the wall.

  • Once you are locked in, count how long you can hold yourself in the squatting position before you feel your quad muscles start to burn.

  • At that point, slowly straighten back up to your starting position. Go ahead and walk around for a couple of minutes before you do another set. Make sure to breathe evenly while you are doing this exercise.

wall squat exerciseKim Demonstrating the Wall Squat


  • The longer you hold squats, the more they burn, especially when you first start doing them. Your goal should be to get to the point where you can do three sets each lasting one minute or longer.

  • Using an exercise ball can create more of a challenge as you try and maintain good balance. This will put added pressure on the core muscles.

  • For added resistance to the exercise, you can alternate heel lifts during the squat. When you are ready for even more pressure, go ahead and hold one leg straight out for 10-15 seconds and alternate legs.

Benefits of Wall Squats

  • Low Impact Exercise - This exercise has you lowering your body to one set position and holding it there for a selected amount of time. Many other squat exercises have you moving up and down which for some can cause aggravation in your joints.
  • Good for Runners - This exercise will help you build more endurance to run the hills with more power, it will also lower your chance of running injuries like the common runner's knee. That injury is typically caused by weak quads and tight hamstrings.

  • Progressive Exercise - This is an easy exercise to monitor your progress and quickly achieve noticeable stronger results. It won't take long to increase the strength in your quads, you can progress easily by holding your squat position longer, and/or lowering your body a little further down.
  • Improved Balance - Strengthening your legs will improve your balance which will make functions like running and jumping easier. One of the best features of squats is that you exercise each leg independently so that the workload is distributed evenly enhancing your balance and stability.

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