3 Types of Resistance Bands You
Can Use Almost Anywhere

If you are new to resistance band workouts, a trip to your local sports store can have you shaking your head in confusion. First, you will be bombarded with a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes of the many types of resistance bands available. 

And, then there are the accessories such as handles, anchors, or ankle straps. The choices can be overwhelming, but it is important that you buy the right weight and type for your size and fitness level or you won't get the results you are hoping to achieve.

Resistance bands provide a low-impact way to get a strength training workout without overly straining your muscles and joints. 

Types of Resistance Bands

The information here will examine some of the features to consider when deciding what types of resistance bands will meet your fitness needs.

1. Resistance Tubes: These are round, hollow, elastic tubes with clips on each end for attaching handles.

2. Resistance Bands: These are flat, long pieces of elastic that are usually about 5-6 inches wide. They don't typically come with handles,although some can be purchased if desired. However, due to the style of these bands, exercises that require handles may be more effective if done with resistance tubes.

3. Resistance Loop/Figure Eight: These can be made of a flat band or tubing and are like large elastic bands. Since they do not have handles, they are usually wrapped around wrists or ankles.

Resistance Band Exercises

resistance band workout

Resistance Band Buying Tips

  • Colors will indicate the degree of resistance. The more stretchable the band, the lower the resistance level. Tubes can be more expensive; however, they may last longer than bands.
  • Buy bands that are easy for you to use, you want to get ones that have different ways that you can attach them. You might have a pole or railing in your house to wrap the resistance bands around for different angles and exercises. For instance, by adjusting the angle, you can create resistance from all kinds of directions making the exercise completely different. This makes resistance bands great tools for improving your performance in certain sports such as tennis, baseball, martial arts, or golf.

  • When you have mastered the basics of resistance band exercises and your fitness level is increasing, go ahead and buy a few sets of bands that have more difficult tension levels. They are color-coded for their resistance. Just like having free weights, you want to have bands that are easier and ones that are more difficult, so that you can challenge muscle groups that need more resistance.

  • Make sure to buy resistance bands that match your current fitness level. It won't do you any good to buy them to light or to heavy. If you're fitness level is average, go for a medium range band. This will allow you to raise your fitness level and move up to heavier tension bands.

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