Use the Tricep Kickback
for Tighter Arms

No beach body is fully equipped without a nice set of toned arms. While your goal probably isn't to make the next SI swimsuit cover, we all want tight and toned arms that don't jiggle around when we lift them.  

The tricep kickback focuses on the backs of your upper arms where fat tends to accumulate. When an isolation exercise like this is done on a regular basis, the fat will eventually burn away and be replaced by lean slimming muscle. 

Even though the target area is the upper arm, this exercise will also strengthen and tone other muscles of the upper body.

Tricep Kickback

Exercise Instructions:

  • Place your left hand and knee on a flat bench as pictured.

  • Start the movement by bending your arm and pulling your elbow up to your waist. Hold that position and then straighten your arm straight out behind you.

  • Reverse the movement and repeat your reps before switching to the other side.
dumbbell tricep kickback position #1
dumbbell tricep kickback position #2
dumbbell tricep kickback position #3Kim Demonstrating the Dumbbell Tricep Kickback


  • Try and keep your back straight and your abs engaged through the exercise.
  • Your upper arm should be parallel to the floor and kept as still as possible through the exercise.

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Benefits of the Tricep Kickback

  • Trouble Spots. Flabby arms affect many men and women. They occur over time as extra fat accumulates. This can become a "problem spot" for many of us, thankfully arm exercises like these isolate a defined area like the tricep muscle and focus on strengthening and providing better tone.
  • Stronger Arms. The tricep works as a conduit between your elbows and shoulders. The stronger the triceps, the stronger the other muscles. This increase in arm strength will better your performance in sports that require arm movements and upper body power. This added strength will help with typical daily functions like picking up large packages or pushing heavy objects.

    Toned AppearanceWon't I bulk up lifting weights? This has always been a popular myth that should not be an area of concern. Unlike men, women don't produce enough testosterone to add any bulky muscle.

    One of the most efficient ways to burn away fat and replace it with lean slimming muscle is by lifting weights. The new muscle will replace bulkier body fat, which will have your arms looking slimmer with better tone. 

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