How to Do the Triangle Yoga Pose

The Extended Triangle Yoga Pose is one of the key standing poses found in yoga, and it is usually learned in the first few classes for new yogi's. 

Practicing the triangle can also give you a true workout of your core muscles. Anytime you find yourself in a standing pose holding yourself up on one leg -- you can assume your core muscles are working extra hard just maintaining balance.

This yoga posture will help you build the foundation neccesary for more advanced poses. It is an energizing pose that improves your overall balance both physically and mentally.

Extended Triangle Yoga Pose

Pose Instructions:

  • Start out by standing with your feet spread wide apart (as pictured), your right foot 90 degrees to the right and the left foot 45 degrees to the right.

  • Slowly drop your right hand down onto your ankle or the floor (whichever is more comfortable) on the outside of the right foot.

  • Reach your left-hand fingertips toward the ceiling with your left shoulder centered directly above your right one. Try and fix your gaze on your left hand.

  • Return to your starting position and repeat the pose on your other side.
Taylor Demonstrating the Extended Triangle Pose


  • If you have any neck issues try not to look up. Just focus on something directly in front of you and stare straight ahead.

  • If you have any balance difficulty you can lean your back against a wall or shorten your stride to make the posture more comfortable. 

  • If it seems you are bending down too far go ahead a place a block on the floor for your lower hand. The most important thing to do is keep your legs straight.

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Yoga Inversion Poses

Any yoga posture that has you putting your head below your heart, like the triangle yoga pose, is considered an inversion pose. Inversions can look intimidating at first, but once you give them a try, you'll see they are really not that difficult...and they offer many extra health benefits like improved blood circulation, better posture, and a boost with your mental focus.

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Benefits of the Triangle Yoga Pose

  • Improved Flexibility. Many people with tight hamstrings and calves find it overly challenging to step into some yoga poses. Gradually extending your body into the poses will allow the tightness or stiffness to improve.

  • Body Strength. As your flexibility improves you will be able to hold the poses longer, resulting in improved strength and stamina throughout the body.

  • Stress Relief.  Practicing yoga on a regular basis can be a great way to improve stress. Standing poses like the Triangle can calm the mind, tune into your breathing while energizing the body.

  • Health Factors. Yoga stimulates body organs and helps improve digestion, and can also help with anxiety, back pain, and sciatica nerve pain.

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