How to Do the Scorpion Pose

Scorpion Pose is an advanced and extremely challenging backbend pose that can offer a number of benefits. The pose strengthens the upper body, back, and legs while opening the chest area to increase your breathing capacity. 

Because this is such a challenging balance and coordination pose, it's a good idea to find an experienced yoga instructor to provide you with a spot and guide you through the movement safely.

Note: Beginners should not attempt the more difficult back bending poses until they are completely stable and comfortable with the Forearm stand or Handstand pose. 

Backbend Poses

Backbend poses are a vital part of yoga. The objective for backbends is to improve spine flexibility to create better posture. Backbends also assist in opening the chest and ribs to increase lung capacity.

The increase of air supply can improve the circulation and stimulate important organs throughout the body. This can create an exhilarating effect that combats anxiety and depression. 

Scorpion Pose

Exercise Instructions:

There are multiple ways to enter this pose. You may enter from Handstand or Forearm stand. For beginners start from Forearm Stand and work your way up to entering from Handstand.

  • Once you are stable bring your legs together straight up in the air. Begin to bend your knees as you shift your chest forward slightly and point your toes towards your head.

  • Press your hands or forearms firmly into the ground for stability while taking your feet as close as you can (comfortably) to your head. This part can take a few attempts, so be patient and keep trying it.


  • Beginners can try this pose by starting against a wall. Start from a forearm stand, bend one knee at a time and place your feet on the wall behind you.

yoga scorpion poseTaylor Demonstrating the Scorpion Pose


  • To deepen the backbend bring your heart forward and open your chest.
  • Do not dump your weight into your lower back. Lengthen your spine to avoid injury or back pain.
  • This pose will result in an increase in heart rate. Remember to breathe your way in and out of the pose.

Scorpion Pose Benefits

  • Body strength. The spine, back, core, shoulders and legs. Stretches the shoulders, chest (heart) and hip flexors.
  • Improved Balance. This pose requires and builds trust, balance, coordination and determination. Do not be afraid to fall and try again.
  • Circulation. These inversion chest opening poses promote improved blood circulation and encourage healthy expansion of the lungs spreading awareness of the body and mind.

  • Core Strength. Inversion poses like the scorpion force your core muscles to work extra hard to maintain proper balance and keep your body aligned. This added core strength can help lessen consistent lower back pain.

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