Quick Healthy Snacks

by Kim

Travel With Snacks. Vending machines, snack carts, and convenience stores are filled with processed, chemical-filled options. But, when the munchies hit, sometimes the temptation is just too much to resist, right? The solution? Carry some healthy, yet tasty, snacks with you.

Pack something you actually like and will look forward to eating. After all, if you ignore the apple in your desk drawer while reaching for the donuts by the coffee machine, then your good intentions aren't really very beneficial, are they?


* homemade trail mix (with a few chocolate chips mixed in to satisfy your sweet tooth)
* protein bar or whole grain bar
* air-popped corn with your favorite healthy topping (there are even some great pre-packaged options)
* whole grain crackers
* roasted chick peas (they are really yummy! Plus they can be flavored to your preference and are packed with protein and healthy carbs to counteract that mid-afternoon lull.)

Eat More Fermented Foods. The health of your digestive system is important for strong immunity and disease prevention. In fact, some doctors believe that all sickness begins in the intestines, so you can actually prevent chronic inflammation, detox your body of harmful substances, or fight off nasty viruses simply by by optimizing your gut microflora (good bacteria).

Plus, if you have problems with bloating, constipation, acid reflux, or fatigue and sluggishness, it could be that your digestive system is losing the “good vs bad” bacteria battle. Of course, you could spend a lot of money on probiotic supplements – and that's a great option – but ferments (aka cultured foods) are much less expensive, and you only need a small amount each day. Be careful to read the labels, though, to make sure that you aren't getting added sugars, vinegar, or preservatives. Naturally cultured foods are always found in the refrigerated section.

Some options include:

* kefir
* natto
* kimchee
* cultured yogurt
* tempeh
* kombucha
* cultured veggies: pickles, sauerkraut, green beans, beets, carrots (these will be fermented in water, salt, and spices. Vinegar and sugar is NEVER used).

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