Printable Workout Routines 

and Healthy Lifestyle Charts, Lists, and Logs

Printable workout routines, food journals, exercise logs, and healthy eating lists can be extremely helpful when you're trying to get in shape and track your ups, downs, and overall results.

Regular exercise is a great way for everyone to stay in shape. Some of us want to shed a few pounds, while others exercise in order to manage a wide range of health issues. The benefits of working out on a regular basis are endless.

You wiill find our printables below. Just click on the ones that are right for you and follow the instructions to access your free download(s).

Printable Workout Routines and Exercise Plans

printable jog/walk workout chart

7 Week
Jog Walk Strategy Plan
Want to ease into jogging? Then this jog/walk plan is the right choice for you. Record the days you complete your jogging exercises over a 7 week period, as well as any progress notes on our printable jog walk chart.

Tips and information for beginner

printable HIIT treadmill workout plan

Treadmill Workout Plan
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can help make you faster and stronger. Get started on your home treadmill and use our personal printable treadmill workout plan to track and chart your progress.

printable and customizable 10 minute abs workout chart

Printable 10 Minute
Abs Workout

Customize an abs workout to tighten and tone your stomach for a bikini body you'll be proud to show off. Use our 10 minute abs workout chart to record the exercises you want to include and track your progress. 2 versions of this printable are available. One is pre-filled and the other is customizable.

printable dumbbell workout routines

Printable Dumbbell
Workout Chart

Build a 15-20 minute full body workout routine or target specific areas to tone and strengthen.  Our printable dumbbell workout chart allows you to customize your preferred dumbbell exercise plan.  2 versions of  this printable are available. One is pre-filled and the other is customizable.

Printable Workout Log

A workout log makes it easier to set and achieve health and fitness goals.  It's one of the best ways to stay on track,  identify problems, and keep you motivated. Start planning and tracking your workouts with our free printable workout log.

Learn more about the benefits and how to use a workout log HERE.

Printable Food and Diet Charts / Recipe Cards

printable healthy grocery shopping list

Head out to the supermarket armed with a full list of healthy eating choices to stock your fridge and pantry with using our free printable healthy grocery shopping list.

Planning to detox? Start with our guide to a healthy cleanse and a free copy of our printable detox diet shopping list.

printable clean eating dinner recipe cards

Add these free printable clean eating dinner recipe cards to your recipe file. We're sure you'll want to cook them over and over again. Download your printable cards here

printable food journal

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