Yoga Plow Pose

The Yoga Plow Pose is a popular inversion posture that does a great job of opening the hips and stretching out the lower back and spine. 

Stretching out your back helps to keep the body aligned properly and maintain good stability. Inversion poses also help your body take in more oxygen increasing your blood circulation and the functions of the brain...boosting your focus and memory.

Turning yourself upside down with yoga inversion poses can offer a wide range of major health benefits. 

Plow Pose

Exercise Instructions:

  • Starting either in shoulder stand or lying on your back with your legs extended straight towards the ceiling, begin to lower your legs to the floor behind your head.

  • Try and keep your legs fully extended and your toes perpendicular to the floor.

  • Place your hands near your sides on the ground with straight arms or on your lower back for support. Try and relax your body with steady breathing.

  • Hold the pose for a minute or less and gently bring your legs back down as you exhale.

Other Inversion Poses

plow poseTaylor Demonstrating the Plow Pose


  • It is important to remember to keep your neck still and avoid moving your head to either side. This will result in injury of the neck. 
  • Try not to jerk your body when you are bringing your legs down.
  • You may feel some mild lower back pain when first starting this pose. It will give a good stretch to your spine and should help to reduce consistent lower back pain as you practice the pose on a regular basis.

Inversion Pose Benefits

  • Blood Circulation. Blood goes faster to the heart and improves its circulation. An Improvement in your circulation can improve your stamina because of the oxygen carried in the blood. Practicing inversion poses on a regular basis can lower your blood pressure and resting heartbeat
  • Tight Hamstrings. Unless you follow a regular routine of stretching, areas like your hamstrings can keep getting tighter and tighter. The hip opening and leg stretching movements of poses like these can relieve the tightness and give you more agility, better circulation in the legs, and less back pain. 

  • Clear Toxins. There are studies that suggest inversion poses can strengthen you bodies disease-fighting capabilities by improving the flow of lymphatic fluid which helps to clear waste throughout the body.

  • Coordination and Mobility - Inversion yoga poses are effective for strengthening the upper body and building good core strength as you maintain your balance while inverted.

Note: Individuals with health issues should consult a doctor before trying any inversion yoga poses...

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