Try These Six Leg Exercises at Home

If you've got trouble keeping the fat off of your legs and hips, you are not alone. This has always been a trouble area for many women. Hours of sitting behind a desk or the steering wheel can wreak havoc on our legs. 

However, taking the time to perform a few simple leg exercises at home 2-3 days a week can give you sexy, toned legs at any age. Your legs are one of the easiest parts of your body to tone because they respond very well to exercise, 

Since your legs are comprised of the largest muscle groups, a regular exercise plan will not only give you shapely legs, but also help with weight loss. 

6 Great Leg Exercises at Home

Dumbbell Squats

These squats mainly target your quad muscles, but they do an effective job of activating almost every muscle in the lower body.

Exercise Instructions:

  • Standing with a pair of dumbbells at your sides, take a big inhale and slowly drop your hips straight down bending you knees. 

  • When you reach the bottom of your squat, make sure your back is straight and your weight is on the back of your heels. 

  • Push yourself back up to your starting position, exhaling as you do.

Try and do 10-12 reps

dumbbell squats from the frontKim Demonstrating Dumbbell Squats
dumbbell squats from the side


This exercise will work your hamstrings and glutes, and provide a great stretch for the back of your legs. 

Exercise Instructions:

  • Stand with your feet about hip-width apart and hold a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing in. 

  • Hinge forward at the waist as you lower the weights toward your feet. Try not to bend your legs. Slowly return to start, remembering to engage your glutes and hamstring muscles.

straight leg deadlift position #1Kim Demonstrating the Deadlift
straight leg deadlift position #2


For an added challenge, extend one leg behind you as you bend forward. Your body should form a straight line parallel to the floor from your head to the heel of your lifted leg. Return to start and repeat on other side.

Dumbbell Front Squat

As far as doing leg exercises at home, squats are one of the best leg toning exercises available to you, They burn a ton of calories and are an excellent exercise for the whole body. While regular squats will reap great results, you can increase the intensity by holding weights.

Exercise Instructions:

  • Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, engage your abs and lower your body, pushing your hips back like you were going to sit in a chair.

  • Stop when your legs are parallel to the floor, pause briefly and return to your starting position

front squats position #1Kim Demonstrating the Dumbbell Front Squat
front squats position #2

Piles Exercise

This ballet move is a great lower body exercise that works the inner and outer thighs, quads, hips, glutes, and calves (when a toe raise is added).

Exercise Instructions:

  • Begin with your feet about shoulder-width apart and turn your toes outward slightly into a pigeon stance. Lower into a half-squat. 

  • Straighten your legs and come up onto your toes. Hold for two seconds then place heels back on the floor. 

  • Lower back into the half-squat and repeat the sequence.

plies exercise position #1
plies exercise position #2

The side leg raise works the hip abductor muscles which are responsible for moving the thigh to the side of your body. 

Leg Lifts

Strengthening this muscle group will make your movements easier and more efficient. This exercise will also be helpful for keeping your hips toned.

Exercise Instructions:

  • Lying on your side with one arm bent under your head and the other down the side of your body as pictured.

  • Engage your abs and raise your legs together as high as you can and hold the position for 2 counts.

  • Return both legs to your starting position and continue your reps before switching sides and performing the exercise again.
side leg lifts position #1
side leg lifts position #2

Standing Heel Raise

This is a simple exercise that can help to keep your calf muscles in proportion with your other leg muscles.

  • Begin with your feet about hip-width apart. Lift your heels off the floor, rising up onto your toes. 

  • Hold for two seconds then lower to start. If you have balance difficulties, try lifting one heel at a time in an alternating fashion.

standing calf raise exerciseKim Demonstrating the Standing Calf Raise

Leg Exercises at Home

As women, we lead very busy lives, so it can be hard to find the time to exercise. These relatively simple exercises don't require expensive equipment and can be done right in your living room or bedroom. Taking the time to do these leg exercises at home can hopefully give you the set of legs you always dreamed of.

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