Leg and Butt Exercises 
for Slimmer Thighs and Tush

No matter how old you are or how in shape...most females have the same problem "random fat spots" -- and one of the major areas are always the legs and butt. 

Thankfully there are exercises like squats and lunges that can help to give you lower body tone quickly. These types of exercises are also very convenient.

If going to the gym just doesn't fit into your daily plan, most leg and butt exercises can be done in the comfort and privacy of your home with very little equipment needed.

Leg and Butt Exercises

Goblet Squats

The goblet squat is super effective for engaging all of the muscles from your butt down to your feet. Because it activates all of your lower body so well, it can really get your heart pounding to speed up your metabolism. 

Exercise Instructions:

  • Hold a dumbbell close to your chest with your elbows pointing down. With your legs spread a little more than hip width apart and your toes pointed out slightly, squat down as far as it is comfortable.

  • Make sure to keep your abs engaged and your torso in a straight line. Push yourself back up with your weight on your heels and squeeze your butt muscles on the way up. Try and do 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps

Bulgarian Split Squats

By adding a bench and a pair of dumbbells for added resistance, you turn this lunge into a real leg and butt burner.

Exercise Instructions:

  • Step forward far enough that your front shin stays somewhat vertical and your front thigh is parallel to the ground as you drop your body down.

  • Let your rear leg drop down, but don't let it touch the ground. Return to your starting position. Try and do 5-10 reps before you switch sides.

elelevated split lunge position #1
elevated split squat position #2Kim Demonstrating the Bulgarian Split Squat

Bosu Ball Squats

The weighted bosu ball squat is a more efficient core exercise than many other squats as your midsection is forced to work extra hard keeping you balanced on the ball.

Exercise Instructions:

  • Start out getting both feet on the bosu ball and having good balance while holding a dumbbell or weight plate.

  • Hold the weight straight out in front of your body at chest level, engage your abs and squat down by bending your knees and pushing your hips back.

  • Pause at the bottom for a count and return to your starting position.
weighted bosu ball squat position #1
weighted bosu ball squat position #2

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