Interval Training on Stationary Bike 

Intervals will help you lose body fat and add muscle

Steady state cardio can be boring, even if you are watching TV or reading a book. Adding some high intensity intervals into your workout will not only challenge your body, but it will also help break up the monotony. 

In the past, cycling was one of the most effective and popular ways to boost cardio and lose weight. Well, the benefits haven't changed, but interval training can help you get them done a little faster.

What is interval training? -- Quite simply, interval training is a combination of both high-intensity and low-intensity cardiovascular exercises. Basically, a high-intensity interval (known as a Sprint Interval) will be followed by a lower-intensity interval (known as a Rest Interval). 

During rest intervals – or periods of recovery – you will not stop your activity, but rather slow it down to allow your body time to recover from the challenge of the sprint interval. These “sprinting” periods on the stationary bike are very effective for burning many calories in a short amount of time.  So, your workout does not have to be as long as a steady-state session to achieve the same (or better) results.

interval training on stationary bike

Interval Training on Stationary Bike Workout

  • 5-7 minute warm up – stretching and light pedaling

  • 30-second sprint at maximum effort (85% of max heart rate)

  • 1-2 minute cool down at moderate effort – you want to maintain about 60-70% max heart rate

  • 30-second sprint at maximum effort (85% of max heart rate)

  • 1-2 minute cool down at moderate effort

  • Continue for desired number of cycles

  • 5-7 minute cool down

Interval Training Tips

Keep in mind that intensity can be increased by pedaling faster and/or increasing resistance. Depending on your goals, you may want to:

  • Turn the tension up during the sprinting periods and decrease it during the cool down periods.

  • Keep the tension the same and simply pedal faster during the sprinting periods.

  • Vary the tension and speed with every interval – one interval with high resistance, the next interval with lower resistance but faster sprinting.

  • Adjust both resistance and speed for an even greater challenge.

Benefits of Interval Training

  • Extra Calories Burned. The harder the activity, the more fat and calories you will burn. Even a short HIIT routine will increase the overall calories you burn.

  • Improved Strength and Endurance. As your cardio fitness improves, you will be able to exercise longer and harder.

  • Health Factors. There are a number of possible health improvements that can be associated with high-intensity interval training workouts. You can increase your oxygen capacity, lower your blood pressure and resting heart rate. 

  • Adds Variety. By changing the intensity level and adding intervals throughout your workout, you can make things a little more interesting. With steady-state, long duration cardio it is easy to “zone out”. Interval training helps keep you more focused and aware

  • Good for All Fitness Levels. Whether you are a well-trained athlete or just a beginner; interval training can increase your power and stamina regardless of your fitness level.

  • Time Efficiency. Interval training allows you to work harder in a shorter period of time. 

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