How to Get Started Running After A Long Love Affair with My Couch

by Jordan
(Niagara Falls, NY)

Time to Get Off the Couch and Exercise

Time to Get Off the Couch and Exercise

I used to be active and in pretty great shape, but after a few years (make that 10) of being a full time dad and bread winner, I've become what some might call a couch potato.

I'm 42 now and need to do something about my fitness level and after work motivation to get up and DO something.

Jogging appeals to me, so I'm looking for advice on how to get started running and avoid injuries. The last thing I need is to sprain or strain something and have to take time off of work to nurse the injury (my job requires standing most of the day).


Hey Jordan - After reading through your question, it sounds to me that you already have a decent “platform” to work from as far as becoming a runner. With physical activity in your background, not being stuck behind a desk all day with your current job, and having a desire to start jogging, you should be able to pick up where you left off pretty easily.

Because “the last thing you need is to sprain or strain something” due to your work, I highly recommend that you start out slow. Even though you use to be active and are on your feet for most of your work day, it is still a good idea to gradually let your body get use to the transition from couch potato to runner.

I have a 7 week jog-walk plan that will help you get back into condition without much risk of a running injury. Following a plan like mine will allow you to plot your activity toward a goal of running injury free and still make ongoing progress. It is important that you stay on a consistent running routine and not to try and overdue it. We are all competitive and many get the urge to see how fast or how much further they can go, which is one of the quickest ways to an injury.

One of the best motivators out there for a runner is to sign up for a 5k running race. Signing up for a 5k race is a great way to stay accountable and keep yourself on a schedule. Setting realistic goals for your race and running on a regular routine should provide you with all of the motivation you will need. Oh by the way… Make sure and tell all of your friends that you’re going to do a race just for a little added pressure to make sure you do it. I also have a “Couch to 5k Training Chart” that could help you at some point if you decide to run a race.

I also have many diet and nutrition ideas on my site that should help you with your energy levels. Best of luck to you Jordan and please let us know how it goes.

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