At Home Workouts for Men

Whatever your fitness goals may be, there are plenty of home workouts for men that can help make your dreams a reality. Do you want to lose weight? Build muscle mass? Improve your cardio or increase your endurance? 

Gym memberships are great, but they can be costly, inconvenient, and time consuming. Thankfully, it really is possible to achieve great results at home with minimal equipment and cost!

Building a lean muscular physique in the privacy of your own home can be as easy as investing in some inexpensive free weights like dumbbells and a portable bench.

At Home Workouts for Men

Five Minute Workout:

side lunge

Sometimes you just have a really busy day....or week....or month...and it seems almost impossible to find the time to exercise. But, you could probably put together 5 minutes, no? And, honestly, 5 minutes is better than nothing.

In fact, studies have shown that short, powerful bursts of exercise can actually increase your metabolism and keep it running more efficiently for the entire day!

Plus, micro workouts are also a great way to relieve stress and re-energize both your body and mind. So, you might even want to fit one in on your lunch break! 

Circuit Training Routines:

dumbbell lat raise

Are you looking for a complete body workout in 30 minutes or less? Circuit training combines both cardio and resistance training in a neat little package that will save you time without sacrificing calorie burn or results.

Whether you want to focus more on cardio or strength, or give equal weight to both, circuits are definitely the most efficient way to get an amazing workout. 

Exercise Ball Workouts:

exercise ball workout

These inexpensive tools can be used on their own or combined with dumbbells or resistance bands for a full body workout. Stability ball exercises may look easy, but they are actually much more challenging than they appear.

No matter what fitness level you are at, you can tone muscle, burn calories, and improve balance while also protecting your joints and lowering your risk of injury. If you aren't convinced – try it! You just might be surprised at how effective this simple piece of equipment can be.

Exercise Ball Ab Workouts:

exercise ball side plank exercise

Exercise balls offer a complete body workout, but they are especially good for your abs. Since a lot of balance is required, your body automatically engages your core muscles for stability.

You can really challenge  your abs and obliques without straining your neck or lower back. In fact, many people use exercise balls to strengthen back muscles and relieve back pain. 

Full Body Workout Routine:

dumbbell swing exercise

Compound exercises – or exercises that engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously – can greatly increase calorie burn. That means you can reach your fitness goals in less time.

In fact, just 20 minutes of compound movements is equivalent to 45 minutes of jogging. So, by choosing the right combination of exercises, you can actually cut your workout time in half! Without compromising results. Time management is key to a stress-free life, right?

Interval Training with Kettlebells:

kettlebell swing position #1

These unique style weights are a great addition to a HIIT workout. You get all the benefits of a cardio workout while also burning a huge number of calories, building muscle mass, increasing strength, and improving your explosive abilities for sports that require running, jumping, or quick bursts of activity. 

Kettlebell Workout:

kettlebell swing position #2

Kettlebells combine aerobic and resistance training into an explosive style of exercise that is both fun and effective. These weights are quite inexpensive to purchase, but a properly organized routine can can burn fat and aid in building core strength, increasing aerobic capacity, and improving flexibility and body posture. 

Oblique Workout:

Russian twist

Everyone wants 6-pack abs – or maybe you would just settle for abs that don't jiggle when you walk. But, those oblique muscles can be tough to tone. It takes time and effort. A lot of effort.  However, if you are willing to put in the work, not only will you get great looking abs, but you will also enjoy a whole list of other amazing benefits.

Strong obliques can reduce back pain, eliminate risk of injury, and improve balance. And, don't worry – crunches are great, but it is possible to get  amazing results without every doing a single sit-up.  Find out how.

Push Up Workout:

push up workout

Push-up are one of the most powerful and effective exercises you can perform because they activate virtually every  muscle in your body. By simply changing the placement of your hands and/or feet, you can get a full-body workout that burns calories and delivers great results.

Your body weight provides all the resistance necessary to build strength and tone muscle, so you won't need any additional equipment. And, they can be done almost anywhere!

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