Home Gym Workouts for Women

Build a Dream Body without Leaving the House

Home gym workouts will allow you to get the body you want without the cost or inconvenience of going to professional gym or fitness center. As women, we lead very busy lives, so it can be hard to find the time to exercise.

In a packed-full schedule, do you feel like you often have to squeeze your workouts in somewhere between making dinner and driving the kids to soccer practice? That gym membership sounded wonderful when you signed up for it six months ago; but, are you seeing the results you were hoping for? 

Or, maybe you just don't feel comfortable exercising in front of other people. Some ladies would like to lose a little weight or improve their fitness level and co-ordination before venturing out to large gyms where everyone can watch them gasping on the treadmill or awkwardly twisting themselves into pretzel-like yoga postures.

Home Gym Workouts

Wherever you are or whatever you like, home gym workouts can help you reach your physical fitness goals with less time and money. And, if you happen to have one of those expensive weight machines or fancy treadmills, that's great too! Everyone can build and maintain a strong healthy body without breaking their budget, over-stressing their schedule, or ever leaving their house.

Home Dumbbell Workout

These inexpensive little tools are definitely making a comeback. They are small, easy to use, and so versatile that they can effectively firm and tone virtually every part of your body. With a couple of hand weights and some hard-earned sweat, you can lose pounds, build muscles, and banish sags and jiggles forever.

dumbbell forward lungeKim Demonstrating the Forward Dumbbell Lunge

Yoga at Home

The benefits of Yoga have become so widely recognized that it is now one of the most popular forms of exercise for both men and women of every age and fitness level. And, with so many styles being introduced, you can find a Yoga workout that suits your needs.

Since it connects the mind and body, Yoga can relieve stress, improve physical health, and help you achieve a sense of peacefulness and calm. 

If the demands of a busy life often overwhelm you, allow Yoga to wash away your worries – all while you are getting fit and burning calories. Now, that just might be better than a Caribbean vacation! 

Kim Demonstrating the Yoga Bird Dog Pose

Aerobic Exercises at Home

Are you reminiscent for those 1980's aerobic videos's? Or, does the thought of bodysuits, leotards and leg warmers bring back bad memories? 

Well, you don't have to pull out your old VCR to enjoy some heat pumping cardio routines. Today, you can choose from workouts that incorporate dance, martial arts, kickboxing, muscle building, jumping rope or just about everything else you can imagine.

Design your own workout with a mixture of your favorite exercises, turn on your choice of music, and let the calorie burning begin.

Home Chest Workout

Have time and gravity taken their toll on your once perky breasts? While you will never get back the breasts of your youth, there are some simple exercises that will strengthen the supporting muscles to help lift and firm your chest. 

Home Pilates Workout

Pilates is a great way to tone your body and stretch your muscles while also burning calories. This type of exercise is often recommended for people suffering from chronic pain or recovering from injuries since it provides a good workout without putting a lot of strain on joints and muscles. The slow, controlled motions will improve your flexibility, strengthen your core, and help you build long, lean muscles.

forward bend yoga pose

Home Gym Workouts for Women

Whether you are too busy, self-conscious, need a babysitter for the kids, or can't afford the costly gym memberships, every woman knows that staying fit while trying to keep up with life can be hard work. But, the truth is, you don't need expensive equipment and it is possible to achieve your fitness goals in as little as 20 minutes a day.

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