Effective Weight Loss Exercises

The most effective weight loss exercises are actually a combination of both cardio and strength training exercises. 

By incorporating them together in a regular exercise plan and creating a balanced schedule, you can quickly improve your overall body tone and raise your physical fitness to a higher level. 

The cardio exercises will burn immediate fat and calories while the strength training will build lean slimming muscle to burn more calories even when you are at rest.

Effective Weight Loss Exercises

Elliptical Training

Elliptical training can be a good way to burn fat and calories without causing stress on the body. The elliptical machine was created to minimize impact on the hips and legs. 

Most ellipticals are equipped with moveable handles so you can work both your upper and lower body at the same time. A full body workout means you will burn more calories per hour. You can burn even more extra calories by switching up the speed and incline of the machine. 


Running can be a fantastic workout routine to lose weight and tone the body, however, any type of weight loss strategy can only be accomplished with motivation, and an ongoing "game-plan" that you follow religiously. Once you can put all of those pieces together, you shouldn't have a problem reaching your weight goals and maintaining them. 

Jumping Rope

Even a beginner can jump rope for 15-30 seconds (unless you have knee or joint issues). It is a great way to get into shape, and by extending the duration of your workout, adding intervals, or mixing it up with various jumps/footwork you can easily increase the intensity as your fitness level improves.

Since it uses multiple muscle groups, jump rope cardio is an amazing calorie burn exercise. Depending on your size and metabolism and the intensity of your workout, you can use between 750-1000 calories per hour. That means a quick 10-minute session will burn 125-167 calories!

See Our Jump Rope Exercise Plan

Strength Training

Strength training provides some of the most effective weight loss exercises available. These routines will automatically activate your metabolism to burn extra fat and calories for hours, even when your workout is over. Combining strength training exercises with your cardio exercises will boost your muscle definition and reduce unwanted body fat.

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