How to Do the Crow Pose

The Crow Pose is a yoga arm pose designed to improve balance and coordination while also strengthening the shoulders, arrms, wrists, and core muscles. It also works the upper back and groin. 

The key to performing the crow is to recognize where your center of gravity is and distribute your weight evenly. The Crow (also called Crane Pose) is usually the first arm balance pose that yoga students learn. It serves as the foundation arm balance pose.

It is a difficult pose to master as a beginner and it requires total concentration. You will fall at times when learning this pose...but the good thing is, you don't have far to fall. 

Crow Pose

  • Begin either in Chair or Malasana (Yoga Squat). With bent knees place your palms flat on the floor in front of your feet about shoulder distance apart.

  • Lean forward so most of your weight is balanced on your hands and you are comfortably able to lift a foot off the floor.

  • Bend your knees and slowly place them onto the back of each upper arm. Test your balance along the way by transferring your weight forward and back, slowly trying to lift one or both feet off the floor.

  • Lifting your head up as you go, slowly take your feet off the floor one leg at a time, finding your balance as you do.

yoga crow poseTaylor Demonstrating the Crow Pose


  • Drishti (focus) is important to maintain balance in this pose. Focus on a spot on the ground in front of you that is not moving. 

  • Put a blanket in front of you to cushion a tumble. Everybody falls when learning this pose. 

  • If Crow is easy for you, try to bring your knees further up your arms. Next begin to straighten your arms, bring your heels in close to your buttocks and jump back to Chaturanga.

  • To get your heels closer to your buttocks and hold the pose longer, engage your abdomen fully and feel as if your upper back is rounding towards the sky.


  • Upper Body Strength - This arm balance pose will build strength in your shoulders, wrists, and upper arms. This can help you to make everyday tasks easier.
  • Balance Improvement - While mastering this pose you will gain better balance that will be helpful to improve your range of motion and muscle strength.

  • Core Strength - The Crow can look like an extremely difficult pose to accomplish, and one that takes amazing strength. The truth is that the Crow is more about balance and utilizing the strength of the core to distribute the workload of poses like this. Just participating in yoga will do a great job of strengthening your core. 

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