How to do Corpse Pose (Savasana)

Every yoga practice is closed with about five minutes of corpse pose or savasana. Savasana is important because it is a restorative pose, allowing your practice to sink in. This is when the benefits of your work set into your body. Although there are a few ways to hold savasana, customarily corpse pose is encouraged. 

Many yoga instructors feel the Savasana is the most important part of a yoga class. This relaxing pose let's your body and mind release stress and tension and be replaced with a calming rejuvenation of self-confidence. Like many yoga poses, this one will take some time to master. 

At some point you will notice during savasana that your mind and body have embraced a relaxed state for you to process your thoughts with more clarity and awareness.

Yoga Corpse Pose

Exercise Instructions:

  • Lying on your back, extend your legs straight out and let your feet relax at a 45-degree angle. Also extend your arms onto the floor beside your mat at a 45-degree angle. 

  • Close your eyes and allow your breath to return to normal, dropping the pranayama technique but still being aware of your breathing.

  • When you are finished holding the pose, extend your arms above your head taking a full body stretch. Bring your knees into your chest and then fall into a fetal position on one side or the other (Left: energizing. Right: relaxing). 


  • If you have trouble relaxing all of your muscles (as most of us do), practice tightening every muscle in your body including your face for a few seconds and then slowly allow everything to relax and melt into the floor for complete relaxation.

Benefits of the Corpse Pose

Although it seems to be the easiest pose you will take during a yoga class, savasana is the most crucial, reaping the most benefits. These benefits include:

·         Decrease in heart rate and blood pressure

·         Reduction in anxiety

·         Increase in energy levels

·         Improved concentration and memory

·         Increase in focus

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Restorative Poses

Restorative yoga poses are designed to do just that  restore and reset your mind and body so you can more effectively deal with the pressures and busyness of life. For the most part, restorative poses do an excellent job of relieving stress by taking students into a deep state of relaxation and improving their concentration levels at the same time.

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