The Beach Body Workout
For Full Body Tone

Did summer sneak up on you before you were ready? Don't worry! With a beach body workout, you will soon be wearing your swimsuit with confidence. After a long winter, it feels great to pull out the summer wardrobe and enjoy the warm sunshine.

But, for some of us, beach season can be stressful. It is the time of year when we look in the mirror and judge our reflection a little more critically. Every bump, bulge, and ripple seems to be magnified and our dreams of playing beach volleyball in a bikini are shattered. 

Instead of trying on swimsuits, we are looking for stylish cover-ups so we can soak up the rays without feeling self-conscious. With efficient workouts that tone muscles and torch maximum calories in minimal time, you can whip your body into beach body shape just in time for your cottage vacation or the next swimsuit volleyball tournament.

Beach Body Workout

Even if we don't aspire to be the next Sport's Illustrated swimsuit model, we still want to look and feel good about ourselves, and there is no better motivation than that “itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini” just waiting to be worn with pride.

  • Choose 4 exercises and perform in a circuit with little or no rest between each movement unless otherwise indicated
  • Repeat each exercise for 30-60 seconds or for desired number of reps

  • Rest 30-60 seconds between sets

  • Repeat the circuit until you reach desired workout length

  • A single circuit or even an individual exercise can be added into your jog, brisk walk, or bike ride.

For example, you can stop every mile to perform a circuit or break your cardio workout into 5 minute segments, performing one of the above movements between each segment.

beach body workout for summer funhot body in bikini at beach
ripped abs guy at the beachboy toy tanning at the beach

Beach Body Workout Samples

Beach Body Workout #1

Squats – 30 seconds (aim for max reps)

Reverse Crunches – 15-25 reps

Pushups – 30 seconds (aim for max reps while still maintaining proper form)

Boat Pose – 1 rep (20-25 seconds)

Repeat circuit

** If you do not have an interval timer or watch, replace timed exercises with a specific number of reps based on your fitness level.

Beach Body Workout #2

Plank - 30 seconds (2 sets)

Tricep Dip – 30 seconds

Eagle Pose – 30-60 seconds right side

Eagle Pose – 30-60 seconds left side

Step-Ups – 30 seconds right side (aim for max reps while still maintaining proper form)

Step-Ups – 30 seconds left side

Rest for 30 seconds and repeat if desired

** If you do not have an interval timer or watch, replace timed exercises with a specific number of reps based on your fitness level.

Beach Body Workout #3

Downward/Upward Dog – 3 reps

Twisting Lunge - 5 reps on each side

Boat Pose – 1 rep 10-30 seconds

Front Lat Raises – 10-12 reps

Plank - 30 seconds (2 sets)

Hip Raises – 2 reps 15-30 seconds

Rest for 30-60 seconds and repeat circuit if desired

** If you do not have an interval timer or watch, replace timed exercises with a specific number of reps based on your fitness level.

Beach Body Workout Exercises

Russian Twist:

russian twist

The Russian twist is an abdominal exercise that that works the side oblique muscles by rotating your body. This routine can really assist those who use explosiveness in their upper torso. Sports like golf, swimming, and lacrosse are just a few that come to mind.

Push Ups:

push up exercise

Push ups work almost every part of your body, especially the arms, core back and shoulders. The exercise is super convenient and can be done almost anywhere without any equipment or a gym membership. A number of fitness professionals say that if they could only do one exercise for the rest of their would be the push up.

Reverse Crunch:

reverse crunch exercise

The reverse crunch is one of the better abdominal exercises to really work the lower area of your abs, this is where stomach fat tends to accumulate. This exercise also helps to strengthen supporting muscles of the spine that provide stability.

Twisting Forward Lunge:

twisting forward lunge

This is a great core exercise that builds strength and better stamina in the lower body.  The twisting motion activates your glutes and core more fully and is a great way to challenge your balance skills.

Tricep Dips:

tricep dip exercise

The tricep did is an isolation exercise that works the muscles in the back of your arms. It is a convenient body weight exercise that can be done anywhere you have a chair or low table. Doing these dips on a regular basis can help to tighten up flabby arms.

Plank Exercise:

bosu ball plank exercise

The plank is a body weight exercise that works almost every muscle in your body with using any equipment. Many regard the plank as the best core exercise available. This exercise also strengthens the shoulders and hips and can be modified by extending your arms or legs to target specific muscle groups.

Front Lat Raises:

front lat raises

Dumbbell front lat raises will strength and definition to your shoulders which will actually make your waist look smaller. Having stronger shoulders will make everyday functions easier and have you looking better in a tank top.

Yoga Boat Pose:

boat pose

The Boat is a highly effective ab exercise that probably works your midsection better than many popular abdominal exercises like crunches and sit-ups. This pose will also improve balance and stretch and align the spine.

Downward Facing Dog to Upward Dog:

downward facing dog

Downward and Upward Facing Dog poses are two of the most popular yoga movements that new students learn. Both of these poses do a good job of stretching the body and are extremely helpful for people who spend their hunched over a desk.

Eagle Pose:

eagle yoga pose

Eagle is a wonderful stretching pose that strengthens your joints and creates improved balance. This pose demands full concentration and can help to relieve stress and muscle tension. The eagle pose is good to do early in a session as it warms your muscles.

Squat Exercise:

squat exercise

Squats are a compound exercise that work almost every muscle group in your body simultaneously. They are one of the best exercises available to help you lose weight because it increases your muscle mass. Remember, the more muscle you have - the more calories your body burns.

Hip Raises:

hip raise exercise

The hip raise is a fantastic body weight exercise that targets your abs, lower back and hamstring muscles. This exercise helps to stabilize that part of the body and can help to reduce the consistent lower back pain that many people deal with.


step uo workout

A step up routine can give your butt and legs an intense workout just by pushing your body up and down on a box or bench. Although this is a lower body exercise, if you include a pair of dumbbells you can put together an effective full body calorie burning exercise.

Beach Body Workout

Most of these workouts can be done on your lunch break, during half-time at your kid's soccer game, or in the privacy of your own backyard. Of course, you can also sculpt your beach body indoors, but the fresh air and sunshine will boost your mood and immunity and will also give your skin a healthy glow.

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