Back Bending Yoga 
for Improved Body Alignment

Back bending yoga movements are fairly vigorous poses that are designed to re-align the spine, shoulders, neck, and hips. Many back bending poses also help to open the front of the body and improve lung capacity for proper breathing and to provide stress relief.

As you increase your strength and flexibility by practicing backbends, you will notice an integration of your shoulders blades with other upper body muscles. This is important because your shoulders assist in most exercises for the chest, back, and arms. 

Having efficient power in your shoulders will automatically improve your posture and relax the neck area to relieve stress. Back bending yoga movements can also open up the hip joints and re-adjust them after you have been sitting too long. 

Back bending Yoga Poses

Bow Pose:

yoga bow pose

Bow  Pose serves as a backbend as well as a heart-opening pose. Heart-opening poses in yoga provide physical and psychological benefits. This is a relieving pose for those who are hunched over a computer or steering wheel all day. Regular practice of this pose will relieve lower back pain.

Locust Pose:

yoga locust pose

The Locust pose strengthens the entire back of your body and stretches out the tendons and ligaments in your arms and legs. This is a mild back bend pose that can be used as a warm-up for more intense back bending poses that require heightened flexibility.  Locust pose has helped some individuals to relieve the stress for sciatica nerve pain.

Cobra Pose:

yoga cobra pose

This back bending yoga pose stretches the muscles around the front of your core and opens the chest are for better lung capacity. Poses like Cobra help to correct body posture. This pose is usually done at the beginning of a yoga class as a warm-up and stretching routine. 

Bridge Pose:

yoga bridge pose

The Bridge Pose is a relatively simple yoga routine that offers a vast number of benefits, from stretching and strengthening the back and lower body muscle groups, to calming the body and relieving stress and anxiety. The bridge can be a starting back bending yoga pose that can lead you into more intense and challenging backbend poses.  

Upward Facing Dog Pose:

upward facing dog pose

The Upward facing dog pose is one of the easiest and most familiar yoga movements. Like many back bending poses, it can help with back tightness and can also help to increase lung capacity which can create possible relief for asthma conditions. Like many back bending yoga poses, Upward dog can relieve lower back pain.

Cat Cow Pose:

yoga cat cow pose

The Cat-Cow Pose is actually the combination of a Cat Pose and a Cow Pose and it is one of the better poses for loosening up before a yoga session. These two poses done together can help to loosen the tension in your back and neck, especially after a long day at your desk.

Back Bending Yoga Benefits

Back bending yoga poses can be used to open the chest and expand the oxygen capacity of the lungs. Practiced on a regular basis, these bending poses can increase the flexibility of the spine. Other benefits include...

  • Stimulates the nervous system
  • Helps counteract bad posture
  • Boosts proper kidney function
  • Helps with digestion activity
  • Relieves lower back pain

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» » Back Bending Yoga

» » Back Bending Yoga

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