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My name is Kim Mulligan and I am a 58-year-old mother of two college kids. I am dedicated to balancing work, family, and health and look forward to sharing my tips for achieving that with you.

I started working in my family business after college. My father passed away in 1996 and I have been running the business since then with my brother and sister. I’ve always worked outside the home but make regular trips to the gym as well.

My family and work are my top priorities, but healthy eating and fitness are an integral part of my daily routine. I incorporate regular cardio workouts with strength training.

Kim Demonstrating the Overhead Press

Cardio Workouts

I didn’t start cardio until college. I began jogging strictly to combat weight gain from excess food and beer. I did not really enjoy it at first, but forced myself to do it.

I ran my first 5k for charity on campus at Michigan State only after being persuaded by a good looking guy. It was tough, but I finished with a new found sense of pride and accomplishment. I became hooked and started running 5k and 10k’s on a regular basis.

Soon I discovered I could be competitive in my age groups and I took my running to a new level. I began running the races with a goal to win.

When my husband and I were engaged, he talked me into competing in a triathlon in Chicago. It was the only one I ever did, but it left me with a great feeling of personal satisfaction and wonderful memories.

Strength Training and Core Exercises

I have my husband to thank for introducing me to strength training in my mid 30’s. I’ll never forget his comment one day; “You have a really nice trim physique, but you need some muscle tone in your arms. You kind of look like Olive Oil from Popeye”.

I was a little hurt, but he did me a favor. Beginning strength training was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

If I was asked for my number #1 fitness recommendation for women it would be strength training without question. The benefits are many and well worth the effort.

After we turn 30, we lose approximately 6 pounds of our muscle every 10 years. By strength training throughout our lives, we will not only keep a lot of that muscle, we will gain less fat and be healthier as we age. Resistance and weight training will help us firm and sculpt our bodies so we can always look healthy, lean, and fit.

If you are looking for a proven anti-aging technique that works, give strength training a try.

The more muscle we gain the more calories we burn, both during our strength training session and after. Our metabolism is increased for up to 48 hours as our bodies are repairing the stressed muscles. The result is added muscle, better muscle tone, less fat, stronger bones, less stress, and increased energy.

Exercise and Healthy Nutrition

I really didn't have any idea how important it was to eat the right healthy foods until I started getting older and found it difficult to either lose a couple of pounds or just maintain my weight like I did when I was younger.

After we were married for a few years my husband and I started to concentrate more and more on how important it was to eat foods that helped to fuel our bodies for exercise and provided the best nutrition for our overall health.

Working Through Challenges

I had been able to keep myself in good physical condition until last year when I noticed a tummy bulge and a little more fat on my sides.

womens workout shorts

I really thought I couldn’t do more than I had been doing at the gym to counteract what I thought was part of the “aging process” and resigned myself to the fact I was bigger now and might as well start buying some larger clothing sizes.

After my back pain became more severe, I went in for an MRI and learned that I needed physical therapy to help with a pinched nerve in my back.

I started learning about alternative exercises with my therapist who pushed me pretty hard. This involved intense core exercises that work your ab's, glutes, and lower back area. 

After a few months of physical therapy, I had every intention of continuing these exercises in our local gym. My core exercises are at the top of my list for importance, and I also added an elliptical trainer as a cardio exercise to replace my running. The elliptical workouts put less strain on my back and at the same time  strengthens my legs and core.

After a few months, I noticed my tummy and waist trimming down and firming up. Any form of a "muffin top" was gone and I also lost the extra weight I had gained. 

My personal reward for working this hard was being able to fit into my smaller clothes again.

Don't Give Up

Ironically, just when I thought my back issues were going to cause extra weight gain, I was able to learn some brand new exercises that helped me get back in good physical condition.

bent over rows

If I was to make a point, it would be to never give up if you don’t have to. Make a commitment to exercise on a regular basis and make it “your time”. The benefits can be huge in the way of self-confidence, a higher energy level and just an overall positive attitude.

My goal now is to help women like us realize that we should never give up and that with a healthy diet, the right exercise plan, and some hard work we can reach our goals to look the way we want.

If you had told me ten years ago that I would be happy telling people my age when I reached my upper 50's, I would’ve said you were nuts. Age is simply a number, trust me, you can love the way you look and feel at any age. It’s making the commitment for a change that is essential.

I will continue to share ideas about diet and exercise that have helped me along the way. If you have any questions I can help you with, feel free to contact me or visit our Q&A forum.

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