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A 3 day detox diet plan can help reset and rejuvenate your body to encourage optimum health and promote overall well-being. Detox programs have gained popularity as people become more aware of the damage chemicals and toxins can have on the body.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is full of processed foods, preservatives, food colorings, sugar, caffeine, and a whole host of other unhealthy substances.

NSAIDs, prescription medications, birth control, alcohol, and nicotine pile more toxins into the mix. Then, combine all this with environmental pollutants and a lack of physical activity, and your body's natural cleansing system can become overwhelmed.

Body Cleansing

Under normal conditions, your body is designed to eliminate waste and toxins. Your liver, kidneys, colon, skin, and lymph nodes are usually very efficient at maintaining a healthy internal environment. But, when they become overloaded, they must work harder and have difficulty doing their job.

When you are overworked from stress or a hectic schedule, how do you feel? Well, it's  no different for your organs. They become sluggish, fatigued, and sick. Over time, this will begin to affect your physical health, your emotional state, and your mental functioning.

So, the purpose of a 3 day detox diet or cleanse is to get rid of all the impurities and free radicals that have built up over the years. As the amount of toxins and harmful chemicals are reduced, your body's natural detoxification systems are able to function properly.

And, when everything is working the way it is supposed to, you will look and feel better. Headaches, fatigue, weight gain, skin issues, and digestive problems will often disappear so you can focus on a healthier,  more balanced lifestyle.

Benefits of a 3 Day Detox Diet 

green iced tea

With every good thing, there are always those who will take it to the extreme. And detox diets are no different. Some programs are definitely fads and should not be followed due to potential dangers.

However, detox regimes are often promoted by doctors or natural health practitioners, and if done properly, they can offer many amazing benefits such as:

  • Destroy free radicals and reduce free radical damage.
  • Encourage the production of new, healthy cells.
  • Improve and strengthen immunity to help fight disease.
  • Increase of Energy – Healthy foods can be turned into energy efficiently without the “crash” often associated with sugar or caffeine.
  • Decrease Headaches – Toxins, allergens, caffeine, alcohol, and sugar stimulated nerves can all cause headaches.
  • Glowing Complexion – Due to reduced sugar intake and an increase in water consumption.
  • Mood Improvement - Boosts mental focus, better concentration, increased creativity.
  • Body Cleanse - Eliminates congestion in the liver, colon, and kidneys.
  • Promote Healthy Eating – Help to break addictions to sugar, carbs, caffeine, or nicotine and encourage healthy habits for the future.
  • Weight Loss - A well-prepared detox plan can be just the thing to kick-start healthy eating habits to reach weight loss goals.

****Note: Detox programs are NOT crash diets. Although you may initially lose a few pounds, this is usually due to water loss and will be gained back as soon as you start to eat normally. Beware of any program that promises rapid weight loss. The focus of a 3 day detox diet should be to improve health. When your body begins to function properly, your metabolism will be less sluggish and weight loss may be a natural result.

Types Of 3 Day Detox Diet Plans

There are many different detox plans so you need to be careful when choosing the right one for you. Some promote juice fasts, raw foods only, laxatives, flushes, or a variety of supplements.

Others allow a fairly normal diet but eliminate “questionable” foods that can vary depending on who is designing the program. One diet will discourage meat while another suggests lean fish and poultry. Some are based on low-calorie soups, but others insist that you should never cook your food.

So, how do you know what is right? Well, as already stated, every expert will have their own opinion with plenty of reasons to support their argument.

Amidst all the confusion, the most important thing to remember is to choose a safe cleanse that you can stick with. In most cases, starvation programs do not work, especially if you have to continue your normal activities.

Besides, it is better to choose something manageable than to give up after the first day because you are weak and hungry. Getting rid of toxins does not mean getting rid of nutrition.

Vitamins and Herbal Supplements

There is some debate as to whether vitamin and herbal supplements are necessary. Remember, eliminating excess waste and toxins allows your body to do its job, so unless you have a deficiency, there is really no need to spend a lot of money on expensive pills.

There are also some products on the market that can have serious side effects, so be careful to weigh the pros and cons before starting anything new. That being said, most multi-vitamins and supplements will not hurt you (although they may not provide a lot of benefit either) so if you feel better taking them, then do so.

female exerciser with fruit
tea and lemon

Purpose of 3 Day Detox Diet

The purpose of a 3 day detox diet is to allow your body to do what it was meant to do by eliminating harmful substances, eating healthy foods, and making appropriate lifestyle changes. So, the best plans will:

  • Avoid extremes (fasting, laxatives)
  • Avoid magic potions (fancy pills, expensive proprietary blends)
  • Focus on healthy foods while eliminating unhealthy or processed products
  • Provide balanced nutrition

What To Expect – Side Effects Of A 3 Day Detox Diet

Unfortunately, many toxins are addictive so you will likely experience some withdrawal symptoms. And, the more processed products or junk food you are used to eating, the harder it will be.

Although some of the side effects can be uncomfortable, you can take them as a good sign that your body is eliminating toxins and restoring a healthy balance.

Some of the most typical side effects include:

  • Bad breath
  • Digestive issues – an increase in fiber may cause diarrhea, or a reduction in oils and fats may result in constipation.
  • Nausea -  as a result of a stimulated digestive system
  • Fatigue – this could be a result of eliminating caffeine and sugar, and may also be more prevalent if you choose a liquid-only diet.
  • Headaches – from caffeine or alcohol withdrawal
  • Achy, flu-like symptoms
  • Irritability
  • Itchy skin
  • Hunger or cravings for carbs and sugary foods
  • Sleep difficulties (insomnia or sleeping too much)

How To Prepare For a 3 Day Detox Diet

planning a menu

Planning ahead and being as prepared as possible will make it easier to stick to the plan and achieve your goal of a healthier, happier body. Before you begin, you should:

  • Make a shopping list and a menu plan. Detox Shopping List

  • Get rid of all junk food. Especially if you think the temptation will be too strong to resist.

  • Arrange your schedule to allow for possible side effects. Detox often requires that you slow down a little, so don't plan to begin the diet during an extremely busy time. It is best if you can be home to prepare your food properly, get extra rest, and endure any headaches or digestive upsets.

  • Check with your doctor. Before you begin, you should get approval from your doctor if you have any chronic medical conditions or are taking any prescription medications.

  • Wean yourself from addictive substances. If you are concerned about withdrawal symptoms, you can start weaning yourself off coffee, sugar, alcohol, or nicotine a few days ahead of time so that your system has a chance to slowly adjust.

What To Eat on Your 3 Day Detox Diet

Some detox diets allow for small portions of dairy and animal protein while others suggest that you avoid these foods altogether.

But, all programs agree that the biggest portion of your food intake should come from whole, unprocessed, and organic sources. Plant-based foods are the best for detoxifying the body, so these choices should be the focus of your meal plan.

The following list is a guideline, but you may have to make changes, depending on which diet you choose to follow. For example, you may opt not to include grains; but, if you do, your selections should be from whole, non-gluten sources.

Likewise, you may prefer to stick to a vegetarian diet, but if you decide to add in some meat, make sure it is wild-caught fish or organic poultry. Avoiding hormones and antibiotics that can be found in meat and dairy sources is important to helping your body rid itself of toxins, so buying organic is recommended.

Your detox menu should include:

  • Fresh Organic Fruits – especially fibrous ones such as apples or those high in antioxidants such as berries

  • Fresh Organic Veggies – broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, beets, avocado, asparagus, artichoke, dark leafy greens, cucumber, etc. You should try to eat at least half of your vegetables raw if your digestive system can handle this. The extra fiber in fruits and vegetables will help scrub your colon and aid your body in eliminating waste.

  • Non-Gluten Whole Grains and Seeds - bread, pasta, and boxed cereals should be avoided, but you can enjoy dishes made with whole grain brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, and amaranth.

  • Small servings of healthy nuts like almonds, walnuts, and cashews.

  • Lean Meats such as wild-caught fish and organic poultry.

  • Pure Water – try to drink at least 8 glasses a day. Begin your morning with a mug of warm water mixed with the juice from 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon. This will detox your liver and get your digestive system moving.

  • Healthy Salad Dressings and Oils – apple cider vinegar, extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil, virgin coconut oil, fish oil.

  • Detoxifying and Anti-Inflammatory Spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, cloves, parsley, cilantro, holy basil, and ginger.

  • Soaked Beans and Lentils – in small amounts for added fiber and protein.
yogurt and granola
whole grain cereal and fruit

Note about Juicing: Fruits, veggies, and spices may be juiced, but some experts recommend that you don't replace all meals with juice since the process increases sugar concentration, reduces the fiber content and eliminates chewing, which is important for stimulating the digestive system.

If you wish to try a liquid only fast, be sure to “chew” each mouthful of juice before you swallow and consider adding a fiber supplement powder to at least one glass a day.

Also, juicing fasts are not recommended for more than a couple of days at a time since fats are needed for the absorption of certain nutrients. You may want to add fish or coconut oils as well as some chia seeds to your juices to ensure that you are getting a more balanced nutrition.

What Not To Eat

The basic premise of all detox diets is to eliminate toxic foods while consuming only whole, unprocessed and organic foods. Most plans will encourage you to avoid:

  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar (in all forms – brown, white, honey, maple syrup, corn syrup, sugar substitutes, etc.)
  • Refined Grains
  • Excess Sodium
  • Processed and Packaged Foods
  • Wheat
  • Dairy (although some allow minimal portions of low-fat options)
  • Unhealthy Fats (hydrogenated, refined)
  • Animal Protein (some allow lean fish and poultry)

Tips For A Successful 3 Day Detox Diet

  •  Reduce Stress. Both physical and emotional stress can increase toxicity. So, take this time to unwind and release any built-up stress. Try relaxation methods, have a nightly aromatherapy bath using lavender or eucalyptus, or practice yoga.

  • Moderate Exercise. You may not have the energy for an intense workout, but you should try to go for a 30-minute walk or bike ride. Sweating helps eliminate toxins through the skin, so some moderate exercise will help speed up the process.

  • Take Magnesium. If you find that you are constipated, try taking some magnesium or bathing in epsom salts. Cleansing the colon is one of the most important aspects of a detox program, so if you are really struggling with constipation you may want to ask your doctor to recommend a mild laxative just to get things moving.

  • Don't skimp on water. Fluids are necessary to help flush toxins out of the body. Also, during a detox, it is much easier to become dehydrated, especially if you experience diarrhea, and this can cause headaches, achy muscles, or fatigue. To help reduce side effects, make sure to drink plenty of purified water.

  • Allow extra time for sleep. Fatigue is normal during a detox program so allow yourself extra time for rest.
getting a good nights sleep
keeping a diet journal

  • Keep a journal. A lot of health issues are due to undetected food allergies or intolerances. By keeping a journal, you will be able to record your body's response to particular foods – especially when you begin adding them back into your diet after the cleanse – which will help you identify any adverse reactions to such things as dairy, gluten, or nuts.

  • Keep it short. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Never stay on a detox diet for longer than 3-5 days unless you have a doctor's approval. An emphasis on fruits and veggies with small amounts of complex carbs and proteins is not dangerous, but it can reduce your intake of certain vitamins and minerals. Depending on which cleanse you choose, you may become deficient in certain nutrients if you remain on the diet too long.

  • Modify. While some side effects are expected, if the 3 day detox diet is making you feel extremely nauseous or ill to the point that you are unable to function, then it may be too strict for you. Be willing to modify your menu (while still keeping it healthy) if you feel that it isn't safe for your body or metabolism. If you are underweight or suffer from a chronic condition, your choice of a detox program may be different from someone who is overweight or has a sedentary job.

After The 3 Day Detox Diet 

The 3 day detox diet is a great way to reset your body and give yourself a fresh start. For optimum benefits, try to do a detox program every few months, and do your best to stick to a healthy, well-balanced diet in between.

Avoid processed, chemical-laden foods, excess alcohol, and smoking. Exercise regularly to help your body get rid of environmental pollutants and other harmful substances that may build up over time. A regular detox plan can keep your body healthy, fit, and energized so you can look and feel great!

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